Wore my workaholism like a badge of honor

The truth is I never planned to be a Yoga Teacher.

I had important career goals like being promoted to be the youngest Supervisor, as well as promoted to youngest Manager, and youngest Associate Director, and Director. I was on a fast track in the corporate world and I loved it! I earned more money in year 3 of my work life than what it cost my parents to build their first home in the Midwest, USA.

I craved the promotions and the increased earnings. I was energized by saving money and watching my bank accounts grow. I felt proud to own my first home at twenty-three years old. I got addicted to the next big job and bump in salary. I worked round the clock to be a step ahead of colleagues.

I wore my workaholism like a badge of honor.

I was in constant competition with myself and didn’t even consider there was another way to exist. 

I was winning!

I did everything “right.” I proved myself successful in the ways most people define success like making more money and fancy job titles. What happened next was not just one thing but a series of moments of enlightenment that made me realize I had everything I was supposed to want, but I wasn’t happy.

One of those moments that woke me up was being in a hit and run at the age of twenty-five. I had to stop working because I was broken. I had a lot of time to lay there and ponder the “why” of things. I went through existential angst. I questioned everything, such as Who Am I? Why am I here? What’s it all for? Who’s it for?

Why am I doing the things I do?

Part of my recovery from the accident was to do yoga at a community college after hours, the only place nearby that had classes. I was the youngest in the room by thirty years. I fell in love with savasana.

I was only doing this so I could go back to making more money, getting promoted and doing my life right. It worked. I got better, I healed and still I had zero interest in teaching yoga.

Somewhere within 24 months of using yoga for my healing and strength conditioning I met a friend who was teaching yoga at a local fitness center. She loved yoga and encouraged me to learn more. If she hadn’t implied I was “good” at yoga I don’t know that I would have signed up for the only yoga teacher training coming to the area. 

I completed the course and still I had no burning desire to teach yoga.

I practiced yoga. I loved the way it made me feel. The stronger I felt within myself something started to change and it wasn’t an “aha” lightning bolt moment but instead more like a dimmer switch that got brighter gradually. I decided to apply at two local fitness centers and miraculously got hired as a part-time teacher.

Myth debunked: I never wanted to teach Yoga full-time as a profession.

If you told me then that I would quit my high paying, glamorous corporate job to teach yoga full-time I would have laughed. That notion seems ridiculous.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened along the way exactly. I taught, people came to my classes and returned again and again. I was only teaching for fun because I had a serious “jobby job” and that made it ok. I loved doing yoga. I practiced every day at home and took as many classes as I could. If was going to teach yoga I was going to become the BEST teacher possible.

I became just as addicted to yoga as I had been to promotions and making more money.

I spent more time asking better and better questions and figuring out the answers to “who am I?” and “why am I doing the things I do?”

I still look around when people refer to me as a Yoga Teacher. It feels a little bit odd like I can’t believe it. 

What I know is that yoga saved my life more than once. It changed me. It made me a nicer and kinder person. It healed my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. It put me in charge of my own happiness. It connected me to a deep inner strength and courage I didn’t know I had.

Yoga heals.

Yoga inspires your BEST life.

And at some point all I wanted to do was share what I know. 

But it’s not so much about Yoga as it is about LOVE. If you call me a Teacher, the subject I’m teaching is the essence of who we are, it is the nature of our very nature, which is love. It starts with love and ends with love.

So yes, I never planned to be a Yoga Teacher but as a Love Alchemist I teach Love using Yoga to inspire you to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

I am more proud of being a Yoga Teacher than anything else in my life. But more than that, I am a Teacher of Love. That makes me a Bhakti Yogi. 

Honestly, 50% of those that take my Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training don’t know if they want to teach yoga. They are doing it to ask themselves better Questions and seek some answers to “who am I.” 

If that’s you, great I’m stoked to hear it!

Why don’t we talk about it? 

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Silvia Mordini, Founder Alchemy of Yoga, Happiness Activist  @inspiredyogagal