Because it saved my life.

“Meditation Transforms How We Respond to Stress.

When our ancient ancestors spent their daylight hours hunting and gathering, come nightime physical exhaustion was the standard.

While feeling tired at the end of a long workday is no new phenomenon, we are collectively exhausted because of a whole different set of reasons.

Why? Modern society suffers from a kind of mind epidemic. We not only self-generate our problems, but we mismanage them until they spiral out of control.

In turn, we unnecessarily trigger our fight-or-flight response — releasing a bunch of nasty chemicals like the stress hormone “cortisol”.

For anyone seeking a more natural & stable energy supply, cortisol is the one chemical where less is better. You can think of cortisol as motivation’s heaviest ball-and-chain..Meditation For Low Energy.What if it was possible to neutralize this nasty energy-zapping chemical? You can, through meditation.

Among a host of studies showing the same result, one University of Rutgers doctor found that meditation reduced the amount of cortisol in the body by a whopping 50%!

This alone, by some calculations, could effectively double your energy level! Not bad..In the end, by massively upgrading your body’s stress response, meditation increases the net result of all good things, especially increased energy.” – EOC Institute

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