Which Yoga Pose Challenges You the Most?

Which Yoga Pose Challenges You the Most?

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What Are Your Go-To Yoga Poses When You’re Stressed or in Need of an Energy Boost?

Supine poses are my antidote for both stress and calling energy back to me. I am shown here in Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose known in sanskrit as Supta Padangusthasana. A couple notes on this pose, only extend the leg out to the degree you can keep both your hips on the ground. It’s important to always maintain stability so flexibility has a strong foundation.

There are a million reasons to be stressed each day especially if you agree that stress can be defined as “any change.” Since we are in a constant state of change, the weather outside is different every day, and inside we are evolving, there is plenty of stress.

This means that Stress is not limited to negative changes it can very well be related to positive change. What I mean by that is happy change can be stressful, things like having a baby, getting married, getting a promotion, buying a new house are all what I’d call happy changes. They also come with their own brand of stress.

Therefore we all need to make time to quiet down the stress through the various means that work best for you today. Addressing stress is not a one size fit all solution. It all depends.

For me, I guess what I’m really saying is the easiest way to destress is just lie down.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!