Tuscany Yoga Retreat – get your 10 year anniversary discount!
It’s hard to believe this is the 10 year anniversary offering my signature Tuscany Yoga Retreat! The very first Alchemy Tours Tuscany adventure was June 20 – 26, 2010. I fell in love with everyone on that retreat, and love them all to this day. Over delicious hours-long meals and bottles of wine we shared our dreams for the future. It’s amazing to look back now and see with delight that those dreams came true for everyone on this first Italy Retreat. Which was for me a dream come true!

It may have something to do with the May 18 Full Moon, or that I generally always feel so sentimental about what life was like at Total Body Yoga where Alchemy Tours was born. To all of you who’ve joined me in Italy I want to say THANK YOU for trusting me with your precious Summer vacation these last ten years. Thank you for welcoming me into your hearts. I am truly so grateful for you!

I always took seriously how precious your time is, and for all of my Italy clients this was the trip of a lifetime, a bucket list extravaganza, a milestone birthday or anniversary and often your one holiday for the year. This was your time to step away from an often stressful life and nourish yourself. 

Honestly, I have never worked harder than I did to create the trip design for my Tuscany Retreat because it was personal. I wanted you to fall in love with Italy, the culture, the people, the food, the wine, the beauty of nature, the language, everything! 

Italy is in my blood, it is my heritage, it’s how I identify myself. 

I am an Italian Girl. And I am forever a proud Midwest Girl. 

Together this is a loving alchemy that made me uniquely qualified to bring together the best experience possible. But really, it was much more than that.  

Sharing my love of Tuscany, Italy with you was always about spending joyful time in the land I love, with people I love, making adventures we loved and would talk about the rest of our lives. 

The memories I’ve made during my Italy Yoga Retreats are my favorites of the last ten years. To this day the highlight reel of my life would be predominantly Toscana and “Sweet Home Chicago.”

The foodie delights, art, fashion, and people of Italy will nourish your spirit and renew your sense of joy! Experiencing life under the Tuscan Sun is something that stays with you forever. In Italy, you slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of silky chianti, each yummy taste sensation from farm to fork and famous twinkle of fireflies in the velvet night.

My motivation, besides having you fall in love with all things Italian, including me (just kidding, not kidding), was to help you DISCONNECT to RECONNECT. 

I want you to unplug from worry, stress and even digital devices and connect to like-minded people in a place so beautiful you swear it’s a screen saver. *Beware of beauty overload, it’s a real thing! My goal is to help you connect to the PRESENT moment and through that make new friends in real life like the old days, before we were “friends” on facebook or just Insta-friends.  

This is a time to lose interest in your to-do list and let me hold space for you and look after everythin. I want you to feel held, because you need that. We all do. I also want to teach you everything I know about HAPPINESS. One lesson I’ll share now is, the key to a happy life is Balance. 

Balance means: you will feel nourished but there will also be some indulgence. We will hike, yoga, move and breath. You will get plenty of exercise exploring my favorite art cities of Tuscany but you will also learn how to slow down and unwind. 

Truly, can getting on a plane change your life? Yes, I believe traveling enriches your soul and gives you time to recharge your batteries so you go back home refreshed and RECONNECTED.

Take a look at our gorgeous 200 acre Tuscan Estate Fattoria Lavacchio an award winning winery and olive producer dedicated to organic lifestyle where you will be guests at your own 10th-century restored plush villa with all private en suite baths June 30 – July 6, 2019.

Is this the Summer you make yourself the priority and book your Tuscany vacation to Italy? 

Come on, let’s dedicate 2019 to more play and self-love than ever before! Today make a promise to demonstrate self-care and love yourself up, by booking your long-awaited dream trip to Italy. 

Join an incredible tribe of like minded friends celebrating life on my Tuscany Yoga Retreat June 30-July 6, 2019!

Book this week and accept as my gift $210 OFF! Happy 10 Year anniversary to YOU! I should mention, this is the ONLY retreat I’m offering this year. I would love to have you with me! Click here to book now!

With infinite love and gratitude for each of you, 

Silvia Mordini, Founder Alchemy Tours & Alchemy of Yoga