Truths about Yoga Teacher Trainings

When I started teaching yoga part-time, my specialism in the Fortune 100 corporate world was Training and Development. It took me 4 years to transition completely to teaching yoga full-time and open a successful Yoga Studio with over 9,000 students..

The truth is I never set out to teach yoga but what I know is that yoga saved my lifemore than once. It changed me. It healed my physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

It put me in charge of my own happiness.

Yoga connected me to a deep inner strength and courage I didn’t know I had. And at some point all I wanted to do was share what I know, so I learned to teach yoga. I’m so passionate about Yoga I created a program to TEACH others to teach Yoga, maybe even YOU.

I have made this easy: I’ve organized a Guide around 5 Key Truths you should consider when choosing a Yoga Teacher Training.

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