The Business of Yoga Retreats

The Business of Yoga Retreats: Authenticity, Success and Sustainability

Not all Yoga Retreats are created equal. When I started leading retreats some years back, there were few others doing so. In the years since, the yoga marketplace is now chock full of yoga retreat options. Yoga retreats have become an increasingly competitive business. Before you lead a Yoga Retreat, here is the inside scoop and training you need to make it an easeful success for both you and your clients. Expect practical tools and a step-by-step approach to creating a sustainable yoga business for yourself for years to come.

This includes understanding principle components like the Avatar (Client Prototype) for your retreat and key barriers to buying a retreat. As well as how to market, brand and build your business.Here below is a what this program includes. For personal coaching email let me use my experience to help you transform lives and travel the world through yoga retreats.

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For Retreat Leaders
What is Yogapreneurship?
10 Tips for Choosing a Yoga Retreat
Why Going on a Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life
Don’t spend your money on a yoga retreat unless
What to Look for in a Quality Yoga Retreat

For Retreat Guests
Why You Should Go on a Yoga Retreat
10 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat
Distress Travel? No, De-Stress Travel.
Do You Need a Mental Vacation?
How to Pack for a Yoga Retreat…in Mexico
Inspirational Travel Quotes
Is Your Yoga Earth Friendly?
Travel Gives us a New Perspective
Traveling Solo as a Remedy for Loneliness

Yoga Retreats Step-by-Step Program Overview

  • Before You Start
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Managing
  • Post Retreat: VIP Days (5-6 hours), Follow-up Online Courses, Coaching
  • Seva: Yoga Gives Back

Does this sound like YOU?
•Travel addict
•Have a desire to change people’s lives (make a quantum leap in health, happiness)
•Have a burning message to share

What I want for YOU:
•To travel the world, changing lives, making a fabulous income
•Design, promote and sell-out your retreats
•Gain easeful abundance

Who do I like to work with? Awesome folks who want to learn to create their own authentic destination retreats and promote and fill them from heart. Are you interested in on the job learning? Email

I want to help YOU:
•Do what you love and get paid for it
•Earn money and work less
•Get out of the studio, take your yoga on the road
•Have your own business, control your income

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Retreat Planning Worksheet Download here

The Biggest Mistakes Even Experienced Retreat Leaders Make Download here

Theme Building for a Yoga Retreat Worksheet Download here

Best Practice for Communication with Clients: Non Violent Communication Process

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