Teaching at the yoga barn ubud bali

It just keeps getting better and better! My almost decade long love for The Yoga Barn – Bali keeps growing. Join me
Morning Flow on Tuesday 8-10 AM 🙂


How easy is this to attend classes with a beautiful assembly of teachers from across the world as part of BaliSpirit Festival at #theyogabarn#Ubud

I have personally had the pleasure to be INSPIRED by the one and only Mark Whitwell going back now over 15 years. I make a point to attend Nadine McNeil classes every year. In person and thru the power of her words Tymi Howard Bender has a deep transmission I can feel from anywhere in the world. I am grateful for Gypsy Bast ability to be herSELF and always bring big fun! And two hours spent with LeoRising Rajan turns back time. You feel like he creates a yogi time machine that takes to before you grew self-conscious. Once there you let loose again, you have a blast.

Don’t miss this! 

PS lets get a maca smoothie after class ok?