Second Chakra Affirmations


Pleasure comes to me in many ways;

I easily give and receive;

I am worthy of love;

I am cherished for who I am:

I prioritize joy in my life;
I am deserving of all of life’s blessings and I am receiving them now;
The deepest, most vulnerable parts of me are wanted, welcomed, and loved;
It’s safe to ask for what I need and to have my needs met;
I am totally me in relationships;

It’s safe, fun & nourishing being me;

Relationships are safe;
I take care of my body;
I find myself nurturing myself with loving words and feelings;
Relationships are a joy;
It is safe to be joyful;
It’s safe to feel whatever I am feeling;
I trust my feelings and my body;
I love my body just as it is;
I am connected to the sweetness of my life;
I value rest;

I feel at home in my body;
I attract people in my life who support me and love me