Real life. A little messy.

I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am in love with imperfect people. My favorite moments are when I’m unshowered, or first wake up in the morning or after 24 hour travel days.

I relate easiest to rumpled people who aren’t afraid to show me what they look like when they cry ugly. My fellow travelers who wear the same three outfits for three months. The natural fashionistas who make magic with two scarves and a hat. You are beautiful to me after you’ve danced wildly for an hour and are not just “glowing” but are sweaty with sticky clothes. I am so happy together when we eat with pure joy and I see little bits fall on your lap. I appreciate people who gobble up cookies or ice cream and aren’t afraid to wear some around the corners of their mouth. Honestly, your messiest side is what I like most about you.