Peace be still with 25 days of zen


Can you feel it? Anxiety on the rise. ⬆

🕘 It’s time to learn to meditate. I will teach you.

⁣Join me for 25 days of Zen on demand. Ok, now ask yourself, what would feeling zen and peaceful look like today?⁣

Stop right now.

Peace be still. ⁣

1. Slow down.

⁣2. Practice taking 5 deep breaths right now.⁣

3. Hold a glass of water in both your hands until the water becomes perfectly still. Then drink the water imagining it’s filling your body with stillness and peace.⁣

4. Practice savasana. Only savasana as your yoga today. ⁣

Join #25Daysofen from anywhere in the world on teachable⁣.

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⁣$25 USD for 25 Days of Zen Program⁣

What do you receive immediately?

⁣–25 Audio Meditations (250 minutes!)⁣

–25 Yoga Classes ⁣

–25 Days of Daily Journaling Prompts (over 200!!) ⁣

–25 days of a List of Affirmations to help (Over 250!!!) ⁣

–Included extra bonuses too ⁣.⁣