One day or Day One?

One day or Day One?

You decide.

It’s long overdue that we help transform racism in yoga. 

Stop to notice how white your yoga studio classes are. Pay attention to see how different the inside of a yoga studio is compared to the city street you just walked in from. Do you see who is on the cover of all the Yoga Magazines? 

You can be part of the solution and make today DAY ONE where you do something. 

If that means starting with educating yourself about your inherent privilege that’s great start there. But no matter what DO SOMETHING..

And that step is only the first step. 

If you are waiting for the world to change you will wait forever. YOU are the change the world needs in order to transform. 

Stand united.

Be of service.

Make your life mean something.

That is what being a Yoga Teacher is all about. 


You don’t know how? That’s why I have 200 hours to teach you. 

Join me January 11th to March 8th, 2021!

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