Last 6 Months of this DECADE! What are you Afraid Of Missing Out?

I wrote to you today to ask this question: 

“What Are You Most Afraid of? 

My answer? I’m most afraid of not getting started.

Aha Moment: We have 6 months LEFT IN THIS DECADE!

To me this is a wake up call. A reality check.

I’ve been chronically “WAITING” for certain things to manifest in a preferred order. Now I’ve blown through a decade, not a week, not a month, not even a year. I’ve waited an entire DECADE to get started!

What have you been putting off?

If you have #bucketlist places you want to explore in the world and you’ve ticked off zero boxes, or maybe only 1 or 2 in the last decade you better amp up this LAST 6 MONTHS.

If Tuscany, Italy is on your list let me help you make this dream come true before the END OF THE DECADE. Book today for June 30 – July 6 (over the long holiday weekend in USA). 

Hurry up and PM me, whats app me +1 206 886 5743,or email me and I will give you the MOST special BUCKETLIST Discount Ever in the history of ever. Let’s at least have a conversation. 

Think about it like this, what if you had only 6 months left to live?

Will you regret not taking the time to do all the things you promised yourself you’d do, the places you wanted to see, the skills you wanted to develop, the people you wanted to help, the things you wanted to try.

—Can your Soul afford to postpone a dream adventure until the next decade? 
—How does 2020 feel to you when you say it aloud? 
—What are you waiting for? Are these valid or just excuses?

My entire life has been dedicated to INSPIRING you to live a LIFE inspired. This last 6 months of the decade is pivotal. Tomorrow is not promised. Stop postponing your “real” life and get back your perspective. Life is not measured by how many hours spent on facebook, pinterest or instagram, or googling your dream vacation.


Take some clothes off, play outside, learn something new, sing in the sunshine, do more yoga, meditate while you walk the beach, eat more chocolate, love more fiercely, volunteer, learn how to play an instrument, take a salsa class, make something with your hands, meet with a healer, do something weird, wear more crystals, hug more people, forgive somebody, start manifesting like crazy!

You can’t make up the time lost in this decade but you can do something REALLY SPECIAL with this last 6 months.

No more waiting. No more excuses.

Make yourSELFthe priority! Right now.

Go to Italy.🌻
Fall in love with yourself (all over again.)💕
Dance outside under the moon and the stars.
Stand up and cheer at the moon rise.
Cry tears of joy as the sun comes up.
Linger longer over your cappuccino.
Taste as many new flavors as you can.
Buy a red dress or least get your nails done in red.
Meet somebody.
Write your novel lounging under the Tuscan Sun.
Go horseback riding.
Take a ceramics class at an Italian Estate.
Yes, eat that.
Live like Royalty. 
Lie down outside, and make up stories about the clouds.
Hold hands with somebody, even if it’s just me.

Stop putting any conditions on your happiness.


Stop wasting time over planning, over thinking.
You have 6 months left in this DECADE.

The clock is literally ticking.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

How do you want to spend it? 

PM me if your answer is Summer Vacation in Italy. 

Let’s talk. I’ll make it easy for you. 

Use your Manifesting Muscle! 

Book at time to chat with me. I am here for you. Talk soon.

Silvia Mordini, Transformation Mentor, Lightworker, Founder Alchemy of Yoga, Happiness Activist