Lakshmi message

I’ve been steeping in abundance mantras to help myself and to serve as a catalyst to help my clients. So much of what we experience is all or nothing in the way we feel it and apply it to our lives.

For instance we are either living from Abundance Mentality or we are not. Scarcity and Abundance mentalities don’t occupy the same exact space. They are mutually exclusive.

Within the last 36 hours I had an amazing healing session with Intuitive Guide & Channeler Lynan Sapperstein. One of the key areas for me was to cut chords to old lineage or places within my lineage of scarcity and poverty. I know where one of theses “hooks” comes from, my Father grew up during World War II in Italy. The entire village in Northern Italy was starving. And as my Father was the eldest child, and his Father had gone to work on the railroads in Africa to make money for the family, my Father was in charge.

As a boy he was responsible to make sure his Mother and siblings didn’t starve to death.

That’s a lot of pressure. And the reality of not having enough was true. They didn’t have enough to eat and they didn’t have enough safety. They hid out for parts of the war in the mountains so they could survive.

There are other “hooks” from previous lifetimes that were also cleared – in the divine feminine in my family. Because although my Father didn’t have scarcity mentality his Mother, my Grandmother did. And her Mother and Grandmother did from World War I.

Sometimes your blocks in this present day lifetime have nothing to do with us, but are karmic hangovers from our family line.

Sending love in the flow as #shifthappens don’t stay stuck. Keep growing and evolving. And if you are stuck I can help you as your Ascension Guide and Transformation Mentor. PM me.