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So often we live as if we are in a dress rehearsal for something better coming along. The reality is that this is it. Each day is the ultimate practice of living in the moment. If you feel the need to refresh your spirit, reignite your passion for living, and rediscover balance in your life, then going on a yoga retreat is what you need. Furthermore, I am 100% committed to helping you reach your full potential in a loving, unpretentious, and supportive environment. I want to see you move beyond self-limiting belief or old paradigms into the empowerment of creating your best life ever!

Each of my fun-filled yoga adventures combines physical, mindful, and spirit-filled activities that grow your self-confidence and teach you how to live your life more fully. I hold these spiritual adventures in my favorite healing places, sacred places…they also just happen to be some of the most beautiful places on earth! Rest assured I’ve personaly paid attention to every detail to make an exceptional experience for you.

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I honestly believe our spiritual happiness lies in being our most authentic.

Fitting in is overrated.

Even if you get really good at it, whatever you think you win as a result isn’t really a prize worth winning. So let me say this: Fitting out is hard, but fitting in is harder. You know that already, because there have been plenty of times in your life where you’ve stood at the crossroads of trying to fit in or be yourself.

  • Are you longing to move forward with authenticity? (You’re tired of holding back who you really are.)
  • Do you feel stuck in your path to personal and spiritual growth?
  • Are you afraid of coming fully into your power?
  • Is your inability to finish healing the cause of emotional reactions like anger, fear, anxiety or confusion?

I would love the opportunity to hold space for you.

Maybe you’ve been seeking that place where you could “fit out” and strengthen your most authentic self. Well, let’s do that together. It’s my reason for being. What you’ll learn from me is “Authenticity and joyful self-confidence in living YOUR dharma (your passion with purpose.)” I will fast track your happiness and help you stop holding back. Especially you fellow Blue Rays, and those of you in the “spiritual closet.” I am here to support you coming into your magic and sharing your message with the world.

We can do this in a One-Person Transformational Retreat.

Let me customize a personal retreat just for you. Over the last 10 years I have helped many people just like you.

My private retreats are an adventure into the soul, supporting your spiritual growth by removing stuck obstacles, and teaching you new healing modalities (some you likely have never tried before.) I will help you unlearn self-sabotage and replace it with self-love.

Think of this as is a Soulful VisionQuest or a modern day “walk about” to reconnect to deepest self-love and inner harmony. All done in a beautiful place like Italy, Bali, Ecuador, Australia or more.

My twenty years as Transformation Mentor, Light Leader, and Spiritual Teacher help me to know your story and help you re-frame it in a way where peace and inner joy again become your narrative. You re-remember to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

PM me to talk over if this is a good fit for you. or what’s app +1 206-886-5743 or book a time on my calendar

**Read on my blog how my “first time” going on a 1 Person Retreat CHANGED MY LIFE. I know one-person retreats work because I’ve experienced it myself too.