In Pursuit of the Alchemy of Happiness by Silvia Mordini

Happiness is in our genes. According to geneticists we have an “inborn” happiness set point of about 50 percent that we return to whether good or bad things happen. We have a 10 percent influence based on environmental factors and up to 40 percent that is affected by “intentional activity.” In pursuit of happiness here are my suggestions for making the most of this 40 percent:


6. Be Around Positive People Be mindful of who you let into your closest energy field. Many researchers in cognitive neuroscience propose that in human brain activity we have a system of imitating by way of “mirror” neurons. In a basic sense, this means the behavior of others may impact how we act and cause our minds to simulate observed actions. Negative influences can impact even the most positive people. Be empowered to foster friendships where you feel a balance between giving and receiving. High-vibe friends will support your intentions to elevate yourself and the world. Those with consistently negative vibes you may want to reconsider.

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