I am on a very strict energy diet

I’m on a very strict energy diet.
If it doesn’t feel like joy, love, peace, kindness then I don’t want it.
Energy is our most valuable currency.

☀️ the energy of our thoughts creates our reality
We are in control of what we think.

✅ We are also in control of the energy we chiuse to surround ourselves with. It’s amazing when you remove toxic people from your life how you feel better!
Or when you are living somewhere that’s toxic or low vibration how when you leave that place you feel better.
Whether it’s leaving a negative energy job, relationship or where you live you are the gatekeeper so clean up your energy diet.

😘 Set a love boundary for yourself to protect your field from negativity.
✈️ I remember first time to Bali where it was the first place in the world I’d ever experienced where your ✨energy✨ was what the Balinese commented upon the most.
It doesn’t matter how much money or influence you have or how VIP you are, if your energy isn’t good then you’re not getting in.

You can’t pay your way into places.
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