How to Embody the Elements in Your Life

I have had a long love affair with the asana, the physical poses of Yoga. I was a pose collector after all. As spiritual as I am, I walked through that portal because of the embodiment I developed though the physical.
Here is what we cover in my @alchemyofyoga teacher training.

Physical Alchemy: Embody the Elements

Physical Alchemy. In our program we apply intelligent alignment while at the same time inspiring our students to “embody” the Elements in Yoga from Earth, Water, Fire, Air to Ether. We are not “doing” yoga, we are feeling the holistic experience.

For thousands of years, the body in yoga has been thought to be made up of five primary elements. In this in-depth study you will learn the anatomical, energetic and psychological components of each element in the body while practicing postures, breathing techniques, meditations and interior seals to direct the flow of energy.

You will learn how physical alignment supports the alignment of heart, mind and spirit. We utlize the asana practice to help our students engage in the Art of Self-Discovery on the mat so they can live their yoga off the mat in the same way.

Essentially the way we do our yoga becomes the way we live our lives.

The Alchemy of Yoga practice interweaves the philosophy of the Eight Limbed path of yoga in all we teach based in the Yoga Sutras. Therefore, like a sutra (a thread, a suture connecting one part to another), we see the practice of yoga as Physical, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy as all connected. Here we begin to fully experience the ancient technology of asana breaking down the poses that comprise our Fundamental Pose Syllabus.

Earth: Feet/Pelvis
The root of the spine within the pelvic floor is the ground for all growth in yoga.

Water: Sacrum
It is essential to stay fluid and light in the hip joints and sacral region.

Fire: Core
The third chakra is a common place for constriction due to stress and emotional holding.

Air: Chest/Lungs
Prana flows through the lungs and heart, upper ribs and sternal region.

Space: Neck/Palate/Ear
In this portion we practice asana, mudra, and pranayama for the jaw and throat and cranial bones.