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Join the most transformative group coaching experience for women over 40!

The best years are yet to come – I offer a transformational coaching system backed by science, psychology and mindfulness to improve quality longevity and mental health, live with confidence, and start feeling like your best self.

Love the woman you are…Love the woman you are becoming.

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WELCOME, I’m Silvia and I’m looking for curious women 40+ that are ready to RESET and believe your age doesn’t limit your dreams.  These are women for whom I can deliver lasting life changes to.

Any woman who feels stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated with their career, relationship, or with life in general. This coaching program is designed to get you unstuck, overcome resistance and limiting mindset patterns and teach confidence building & communication skills that will help you grow in all aspects of life.

Women who are struggling with perimenopause and menopause and the toll it takes on body, mind and spirit will learn stress-relief skills that can help them focus through the menopausal fog and take away new life skills that will help them Reset, Redesign and Restart at midlife transition.  

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you take back control of your choices, trust your intuition to address the real reason you’re holding back your happiness and what that’s costing you.

Starting over begins with getting unstuck from where you have come from and then identifying what reset button to push for your happiest life.

Imagine if you made time to REDISCOVER who you are at this point in your life so you could live with more authenticity and confidence for the next years are the BEST YEARS.

upleveling your life

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel overwhelmed about all the things you ‘could’ or ‘should’ do (and you feel like you’re barely treading water).
  • It’s hard to be present because you’re too busy worrying and second-guessing yourself (but you wished you trusted yourself more).
  • You’re a world-class overthinker and find it hard to switch off at the end of the day (but you know you can’t keep living this way).
  • You struggle with the voice in your head that criticizes your every move (but you wish you had more self-confidence).
  • You feel burnt out and have lost your energy and motivation (but you’re ready to make changes in your personal or professional life for the better).
  • The more you do, the less time you have for yourself (so self-care gets moved to the bottom of your to-do list).

4 month payment plan

pay in full

Let’s face it, the years after 40 are no walk in the park.

The reality is that for many women, it’s a time of uncertainty, increased stress, mounting burnout, and extreme transition physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Caring for aging parents
  • Transitioning to an empty nest
  • Dealing with the choices of young adult children
  • Facing a new life after divorce
  • Feeling trapped in a job you don’t love
  • Sinking in a relationship that’s gone stale
  • Growing uncertainty about the future
  • Lacking the energy to do what you want
  • Feeling pressure from all sides to do it all

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re not worried about just looking better.

We want to FEEL better by improving our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

RESET is an 8-week coaching program thoughtfully curated to support you in diving deep into self and recalibrating your resonance with your current desires while receiving support from a loving sisterhood. You are not the same person you used to be. You know that doing your life the same way again won’t lead to a different life. You have to change something because remaining in transition another year in limbo will only increase your anxiety. Together, we will embark on an inner excavation of internalized patterns in order to reset, redesign and restart your life moving forward…complete with more confidence and compassion.

The Details are Easy:

All meetings are on live on Zoom in Eastern Standard US time. There will be replays of the classes if you are unable to attend although I highly encourage live participation! 


August 30, September 6, 13, 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25

  • 8 women
  • 8 weeks +1 additional Integration week
  • 8 X 60-minute live Group Coaching Sessions with Q&A
  • 8 X 60-minute pre-recorded Mindfulness Classes
  • 8 X 8 minute pre-recorded Wise Woman Wisdom Talks
  • 8 X 8 minute pre-recorded Meditations
  • 8 X 18-minute pre-recorded Yoga Classes
  • Monday check-in via WhatsApp   
BONUS 1 – Self-Care Support System in Teachable
BONUS 2 – Reset Toolbox in Teachable
BONUS 3 – $450 OFF Bali Retreat in 2022
BONUS 4 – Lunae Perimenopause/Menopause Collection Online
BONUS 5 – Private messaging support, up to 20-minutes per week for personalized coaching 


Mindfulness Classes

Based on a weekly theme. Explore various ways of mindfulness practice including affirmation practice, mindset hacks and meditation and journaling.

Group Coaching Sessions

We will explore the power of the reset through group exercises + guided self practices. We will share our wins, challenges, inspirations + support.

Wise Woman Wisdom Talks

This is the big sister chat you need to boost your spirit when you’re feeling down. These are based on the weekly themes.


Pre-recorded themed meditations

Yoga Classes

Pre-recorded themed yoga classes

Weekly themes




















"I have a better sense of self and an understanding that how I see myself is how the world sees me, so it’s important that I constantly work to love myself and seek and build self-confidence."


Start making your dreams come true

Let's talk heart to heart

How is the Coaching Course Organized? 3 Step Model

The course is organized into three key sections: Reset, Redesign, Restart. For easeful sustainable change it’s important to take things one step at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself. These 3 steps are what you need to not just get the work started, but see it all the way through. Most programs only address 1 step so nothing really changes. I am supporting you to reset, redesign and restart your life all the way.

The number 1 cause of losing confidence is trying to do too many things at the same time and feeling like a failure at all of it. Let’s monotask and close the confidence gap.


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Weeks 7, 8, 9

Who is this Reset Coaching Program for?

This program is open to women who are:

Women over 40 feeling stuck and anxious about making changes in their lives. They are feeling like they lost connection with true desires and intuition and want help to RESET their confidence and start over. These resilient women believe it’s possible to live a LIFE inspired after trauma with the best yet to come.

They have four core desires. My program sees to it that each desire is fulfilled.

Sick of


4 Core Desires


You want to live a meaningful life, one of passion with purpose aligned with your authentic self at this age (not your twenty year old self).


Seeking confidence in prioritizing what you crave.


Seeking to be inspired and wake-up with enthusiasm passionate about your life


Seeking sisterhood, a sense of belonging, connection and community where you feel safe


Apply a proven framework of transformation with confidence and ease

Hi love, I’m Silvia!

I’m a specialist in starting over. 

Trauma revealed truths that took me to some faraway places for healing and wisdom. In Bali, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Hawaii and Malaysia, I soaked it up, took bold actions, and expanded what was possible for me. Through all of this I learned something profound; the power of resiliency can be taught and even making a 5% change can change the future dramatically. 

Now I teach women like you to access the power within you to change your life, celebrate your genius and start over to create any life you dare to dream. Immediately, you’ll get a little better. And soon, you’ll get a lot better. 



$ 808
  • Next session starts August 30, 2022

4 month payment plan

pay in full


I have helped many people just like you.


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Your deposit holds your space in the coaching program and is 100% refundable until day 1. If you need to drop out for any reason after day 1, your deposit can be credited toward a future program within 12 months from your date of purchase.

Yes prior to 40 days before the program starts you may change to another coaching program within a rolling 12 months. 

We always want you to be happy. 

Yes! In order to pay the course in installments, just select the payment plan option at checkout and you will be able to pay in 4 monthly installments.

Along with live coaching you receive an 8 module program with lifetime access.

Yes, for a special price I am delighted to have more time together in your support. WhatsApp me directly +1 206 886 5743.


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I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Reset Coaching Program. You can email me silvia@silviamordini.com and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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