Bali Yoga Teacher Training March 31st to April 21st 2019

Tribe matters.

Allow me to hold space for you to get to know yourself. That’s all.
And from there: Be in LOVE with your life!
From there grow in love with your #tribe and Be in love with the world!

Join our #Alchemy family. ❤

Who Is This For?

  • You have the desire to learn “How to Live a LIFE Inspired” for lasting change by cultivating inner happiness and outer bliss.
  • You are ready to authentically and effectively inspire others to live their best lives.
  • You feel called to teach about the interconnectedness of all people, nature, energies, past and future through the Alchemy of Love.
  • You are ready to be held accountable for your Happiness.
  • You love Yoga! . Benefits You Can Expect:
  • We will uncover the obstacles to your happiness
  • We will show you how to tap into your greatest potential & live from your highest self
  • We will make practical how to live your dharma
  • We will hold you accountable for radical self-love and help you design self-care strategies (including daily meditation and mantra)
  • We will guide you through in-depth development of business strategy, personal growth and soulful happiness.
  • Personalized Business Coaching to develop your authentic brand, mission and vision.
  • Personalized Spiritual Coaching offering you energy medicine prescriptions for happiness informed by your dosha, astrology, chakra balance, karma and your guides.
  • An action plan to grow your business in an energetically sustainable way – no burnout!

Together by you doing your best YOU, we will fully live the MISSION to #TEACH #PEACE with support of your love tribe.

Prerequisites for this program?

  1. You are ready to go DEEP and show up as your true SELF.
  2. You believe in magic.
  3. You value and benefit from tribe . .

Reach out with questions .

Registration is OPEN with $300 OFF !