Loving Reminder: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Put self-care first

I’m here to teach women they have the power within them to reset, heal, and create the purpose driven life of their dreams.

Hi! I am Silvia!

With loving, laser focus, I serve as a catalyst for women to embrace their passion for life and start over. Saving time in the healing process, I awaken women to the power of the 5% change.

Learning to love themselves, love their day, and love their lives, soon they master the ability to choose happiness, to reset, redesign and restart the future because the best is yet to come.

For over two decades I have supported 1000’s to up-level their lives, going for what they really want, and wielding the greatest tool to live a big life—resiliency.

Catalina Silvia Mordini

Resiliency has been my lifelong superpower. With it, I have faced near fatal accidents, toxic relationships, and tragedies all forcing me to grow stronger, more open, and abundantly loving.

I found the weight of holding onto pain, trauma, and upset was too heavy…I could not rise.

Only by choosing the powerful solutions I developed in my signature Reset System, I created the life I wanted…one of freedom, aliveness, connection, and success.

Does this require choice? YES! Does it have to be hard? No…

Traveling the world, experimenting and exploring my external and internal life, I discovered that all we need to start refining, up-leveling, and making changes, is a 5% shift. 

That’s why today I guide and teach courageous women to do the same. 

There is no time to waste entrapped by trauma. We don’t have the luxury to sit back and let our past pain run the show. 

Unfortunately my love, this is not a rehearsal…this is your life. 

You do not get this day back, this month, or any of your years.

But you can live every day fully and free, being the resilient star of your scripted life—authored by you! 

I will show you how.


To inspire resilient women to reset and transform their lives. Empowering their freedom and true desires, I serve those ready to realize their potential and discover happiness with just a 5% shift.

Every human has the capacity to experience rest, calm, peacefulness, but like any muscle or new skill, this has to be developed through experience and practice.


I founded Total Body Yoga Studio in Chicagoland with over 9,000 students for ten years.


I started blogging


I founded Alchemy of Yoga School through Yoga Alliance


I bought Healing Power Yoga Studio in Highland Park, Illinois.


I founded my own style of yoga called Rebel Spirit Yoga


I founded Alchemy Tours, an International Yoga Retreat company specializing in Personal Transformation.


I founded Dreamcatcher Coaching to help you live your purpose with passion


I founded Mindfully In Love a Meditation Program dedicated to make learning to meditate more fun


I founded a new Coaching program called Soulecting based in the belief that when we select with our soul we live aligned with our greatest joy.

Learn from Me

Nepantla is a Nahuatl word for the space between two bodies of water, the space between two worlds. It is a liminal space, a space where you are not this or that but where you are changing.

I’m deeply familiar with living in the liminal, the in-between space where we begin the Reset. I also know what it’s like to feel stuck sitting in the question mark, afraid to move forward with your most desired changes, as if it would be asking too much.

Navigating triggers and traumas can feel paralyzing. Our nervous system can get overwhelmed, further activating our anxiety, causing us to lose trust in our intuition.

I will be your guide to design a LIFE inspired making it easier for you to move towards what’s possible when your heart and soul confidently come into alignment to start again.

My Retreats, Courses, and Coaching program will support you to Reset, Redesign & Restart.

Love your Day


Put on your comfy clothes, get your favorite latte, chai or matcha and be inspired as you explore real life wellness and lifestyle tips meant to uplevel your happiness. Here are transformative ways to decrease anxiety, listen to your intuition & increase your confidence to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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